What is HandyMoby?
HandyMoby is a mobile Do-It-Yourself (DIY) app and web service to help people organize, execute and share their handy projects. Our handy features allow you to utilize the power of mobile computing to help organize, guide, and share handy projects. You are invited to create your own projects or find projects posted by other users, as well as download or purchase materials (online or in store pick up), rent tools, contact professional handymen, hear instructions (voice and text), and view videos/drawings right at the work spot. Finally, you can contact support if you would like more assistance. We hope you are as excited as we are for the future features to come. Imagine, no more note taking, scratch paper, heavy books, or laptop to carry around, and no going back and forth between work site and computer. We hope you will find HandyMoby is the best mobile app for your DIY projects.
Why Build HandyMoby?
Founder, Ben, got the idea while replacing a garbage disposer, after a lot of note taking, creating shopping lists, several trips to home depot, going in and out of the work place to read stuff on computers, reading manuals and calling for help. He told himself, “Why can't we use smartphones to do all this?”
Our Mission
Our mission is to empower people with mobile computing to get handy projects done with ease and convenience anywhere in the world. We hope you try it and find everything is so organized and easy for your handy projects that you never become frustrated again.